Worst Case Scenario


The Armageddon Address by the 53rd President of the United States, on the eve of the Meggido Project.


“Hehehe…yeah…telling them you’re all on the plane…yeah…big time…

O.k. we’re on. Here we go.

My fellow Americans,

It has fallen upon me to be the messenger. I will not mince words.

Armageddon has arrived.

Humankind passed through to armageddon by way of ignorance. Not ignorance of science but ignorance of human behavior - of our own psyche. We have mapped the human mind, but along the way, we lost the ability to set it’s moral direction.

It should be obvious to everyone living through these times that many a man has willfully, knowingly contributed to the destruction of the planet - the ruination of our home - the death of our race.

Those men will be named. We will return to that. But first, we will address the inevitable.

We now face conflict on a global scale. Even those who were once our greatest allies array at our borders. Within our own country, suffering and death have driven our society to the breaking point, and beyond. No human society, no country, no family, can return to the days before mankinds destruction of the biosphere. The brightest minds count mankinds remaining hours in numbers so small that our long term success as a species is difficult to imagine. In these hours, freedom is an afterthought. Martial law is the universal norm. Suffering, and death, are our way of life.

Yet time for even greater sacrifice is upon us. The time for action is nigh. For through inaction, our options and ability to geoengineer the global climate have been reduced to only the most dangerous, the most drastic, the deadliest. Past feeble, conservative attempts to whiten clouds and to make small modifications to our atmosphere and oceans have failed us. Our own conflicts have reduced our capabilities as a species. Our options shrink moment to moment. Yet the deadliest option of all, is not to choose.

Those of us with the ability to do so, have enacted the most ambitious plan within our power. With the greatest power remaining in our grasp, we will apply a salve to the earth. We will release into the atmosphere enough material to temporarily reverse the deadly cycle of warming that has brought the world to it’s knees.

Along with those leaders who still believe in our ability to survive, over the last seven days, every means has been utilized to bring some of our nuclear weapons and aircraft back under our control. These weapons are being placed in the last locations mankind would have wanted them a year ago - but that was a time when we still had the ability to manufacture - when enough water, power, peace and freedom were available to hold on to better dreams.

The plan is simple. We will light the fires of armageddon. That we may hide in the ashes. God willing, the world will cool, and humankind will survive.

If we are successful, then rather than in hours, our lives will be counted in days, months, or years. In that time, we will continue to focus on geoengineering efforts. The human race will become master of it’s own environment, or it shall be extinguished.

In retrospect, controlling our climate was always unavoidable. Should we survive as a species, we must never again allow ignorance, cowardice, and greed to accrue such terrible costs. For He said, “Be fruitful, fill the earth, and subdue it.” Today we are carrying out His will.

I now will return to a topic important to us all. The rule of law.

Those men who got us here were our trusted captains of industry. Ministers of misinformation. The betrayers.

Many of the betrayers have yet to be brought to justice.

We know well that these are the men that our race cannot tolerate and survive. We will remove them from our race, once and for all. Willful, knowing destruction of mankinds only home will never again be tolerated.

Many of the betrayers, and their collaborators, have been captured. They are on their way, as I speak, to the mouth of Mauna Kea, along with much of our nuclear arsenal, where the second death awaits them.

“Vengeance is mine, and recompense, for the time when their foot shall slip; for the day of their calamity is at hand, and their doom comes swiftly.”

As most of you know, the rest of the betrayers, and their kind, although not yet captured, have long since been identified. Their names carved in stone. On this one issue, the international community is unanimous. Any man who remains in communication with his government is aware of the prices on their heads, and shall give them no quarter.

I assure you, as long as this government survives, we will seek justice. The Department of Defense, working under the Department of Environmental Control, will not sleep until the job is done.

In this time of our greatest trial as a race, we must stand together, and say, “Never again!” We will give no opportunity to the devil.

We must stand together against evil, and we must stand together for good.

As the earth cools, great changes will occur in your lives. Only by working together with your neighbors, your churches, your police, and your entire community, will you be able to capitalize on this opportunity for survival, this new beginning.

I will now turn you over to General Smith, who will cover the details of the Meggido project, what to expect, and how we can work together to not only survive, but to rebuild a moral, God fearing nation.

May god have mercy on us all.”


Moments Later - Pohakuloa Training Area - Bradshaw Army Airfield - Hawaii


In the Bradshaw Army Airfield control tower rec room, one floor below the observation deck, Corporal Kato flicked his lighter, re-lighting a half-smoked fatty as he took a long draw.

As Kato drew breath, he leaned back into his chair. The chair was the kind a housewife might decorate her kitchen with in a time long past - with flowers on the padded plastic cushions. It squeaked in complaint.

Kato was wearing his favorite t-shirt. It was printed with the words “Surf Naked” above the silhouette of a naked woman. As he leaned back, his unbuttoned camouflage blouse seperated and a triangle of his t-shirt was was exposed. At chest level, the letters “UR” could be seen. Just below that, the letter “A”, and below that, the silhouette of a breast.

Across the table, Lance Corporal Gonzalez slouched, dripping sweat. He rapped his heavy fingers on the large green box on the table, and regarded Corporal Kato in consternation.

“He’s crazy, right? That guy? You think that crazy mother is pulling this off?”, Gonzalez asked.

Corporal Kato replied while holding in his breath, “Yea…”, and he waggled a finger at a monitor wall behind Gonzalez. “…the sensor array still works…”

Gonzalez pushed out his lower lip, looked down at the table. A half-empty bottle stood a few inches from his left hand. Below it, a laminated instruction manual lay, sticky with Jack. It read:

Air Defense System - MPAAMMLU-N5

Man Portable Anti Aircraft Multiple Missile Launch Unit - Mark V


Those were the only words on the page. The rest of the page contained only pictograms - thick line art in red, black, yellow and green, depicting someone a good deal skinnier and smaller than Gonzalez wielding the MPAAMMLU-N5 - lifting it out of it’s box, pulling off the covers, raising the sensor system, opening the touchscreen, hitting “select all” to select all detected aircraft, and pushing the big red button on top of the box. The last frame depicted a dozen missiles flying out of the box and into aircraft in the distance, complete with comical blowback and explosions.

The instructions were custom made for someone just like Gonzalez.

Gonzalez considered the Jack and the missile launcher as if he were trying to decide which one to bring with him when he left the room, which he was.

Corporal Kato, making the reasonable assumption that Gonzalez had not quite understood him, but still holding his breath, waggled a finger again emphatically at the monitor wall.

Gonzalez didn’t bother to look back at the monitor wall. He had never bothered to learn the equipment. But Kato was a damn genius as far as he was concerned. If Kato said the planes were inbound, it was a solid bet.

Gonzalez abruptly stood, eyes flicking between the bottle of Jack and the missile launcher. He grabbed the missile launcher in his right hand, turned, punched a hole in the wall with his left, turned back, grabbed the bottle of Jack in his left hand, and headed up the stairwell to the roof with both items in tow.

Corporal Kato leaned back his head as he let out his breath. A small cloud of white smoke filled the sweltering room.

He picked up a remote, pressed a button. The monitor wall changed from sensor view to a view of the airbase camera systems. The wall display arrayed camera video - views of the airfield, it’s buildings, incoming airspace, and Mauna Kea.

Kato said, “Well, this should be interesting.”, and then took another drag.


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